Arteta apologizes for disappointing Gunners in Karang Seagull defeat

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Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta is frustrated with not being able to make fans happy with the result they were expecting. Along with apologizing for the bad form until they lost 0-3 to Brighton, resulting in the situation to win the championship almost completely gone

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has admitted he hates the feeling of letting people down and has apologized to fans for his players’ poor display at the Emirates Stadium. M defeated Brighton and Hove Albion 0-3 in the English UFABET Premier League on Sunday, May 14, the past. Resulting in the opportunity to win the top league title, the land of the elite, almost slipped away

Arteta apologizes for disappointing Gunners in Karang Seagull defeat

Goals in the second half from Julio Nchiso in the 51st minute, Deniz Undaf in the 86th minute and Perbis Estupinan in stoppage time allowed the Seagulls to collect three points back. This means Manchester City need just one more win from their last three games to defend their title right away. City could become champions on Saturday if the Gunners lose to Nottingham. forest

“Obviously what the team has done in the last 10 months is very different from what one might think and that creates a lot of expectations. As well as enthusiasm and joy,” said the Fierce Bull trainer. “That is what has to be handled in the right way. And after that we have a responsibility to make sure the team performs well. And I’m responsible for that. So, I hate the feeling of letting people down when they’re expecting something. That’s the biggest regret I have today. And I apologize for that.”

Meanwhile, Arteta said the feeling was different from the feeling everyone had on Sunday against Newcastle United, that it was a feeling of pride and feeling that you had done something. really want to win But today, it’s the complete opposite. Especially in the second half with the form that fell away which is unacceptable

“When we played in the second half Shows that we have many things to improve. According to the numbers, it is still possible to win the title. But today it is impossible to think about that. We need to analyze the results and spend a few days to sort them out. We have to move on as soon as possible. Must not keep this feeling for long and continue to prepare for the game at Forest, “said the Spanish boss.