Conte pointed out that the decision of the elite league game is still below the standard

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Spurs manager Antonio Conte has avoided criticizing. The referee in the defeat to Arsenal gave Emerson Royal’s red card a turning point. Pointing out that there is no standard Recommend to watch the Italian league that is working hard on this matter.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has revealed that Emerson Royal’s red card  received in the second half. Make the game change and believe that the standard of judgment including VAR. Still below the level of the Premier League where competition is intense. After the UFABET team’s invasion to defeat Arsenal, rivals London 1-3 on Saturday at the past. 

Conte pointed out that the decision of the elite league game is still below the standard

Golden Spikes chicken faced a difficult situation in the 62nd minute with 10 players left while 2-1 behind the Gunners by the Brazilian star. To deliberately open the button to trample on the ankle Gabriel Martinelli. The referee held a red card immediately dismissed from the field. As a result, the disadvantage of the players and getting 1 more goal from Granit Xhaka,  causing them to meet with the defeat for the first game.

Conte did not agree with the red card , but he did not want to comment on the referee’s decision. because they may be at risk of being fined or banned from the sidelines by saying only that The performance standard is not good enough. And would like to see an example of the Italian league that is constantly being updated. 

“Today I think after the first half The team should have a chance to win. Because there is an opportunity that we should make the most of the opportunity. But in the second half we conceded a goal quickly. And then the red card completely changed the game. In England, I have to be honest, it’s very difficult because it’s not the same standard. Sometimes you see situations where it could be a red card. but gives a yellow card or no yellow card Sometimes you see situations where there is a yellow card. But they gave a red card. In Italy, they have to work very hard on this. They went on Thursdays and stayed together for three days to work together. Watch the video and try to improve,” said the macaroni trainer.

As for Emerson, who was sacked in this match. Resulting in a three-match ban against Brighton and Hove Albion, Everton and Manchester United , Conte said the players were very disappointed. because he knew what happened. He knew the hardships of his teammates. But it can happen He is still a young player, only 23 years old, and he must try to make better use of the situation.