How are blackjack cards?

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To play blackjack cards in online casinos. Most of them are similar to playing Baccarat. Each card has a different value. The decision as shown in the table

Conditions for splitting cards to play through the system online casino. If the first two cards received are A and A or 8 and 8 the player can split the cards into 2 suits. If split the system will automatically call the player bet. At the UFABET same time. If there is not enough money in the wallet. The system will automatically fold.

In drawing more cards after splitting. For pairs A, A can only draw 1 additional card per hand. For pairs 8 8 an unlimited number.

How are blackjack cards?

Rules for playing blackjack

  • The player must draw a card with the closest score of 21.
  • If the player draws a card and the total score exceeds 21. It will be considered losing immediately.
  • The banker side can draw more cards until they reach between 17 and 21 points.
  • The player’s side can draw more cards without referring to the hand points. Or you can choose not to draw more.
  • If there is no draw in the allotted time. The system is automatically treated as a stay.