‘Odegarde’ accepts ‘Big Gun’ condition, unable to lose the championship to ‘Sailboat’

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Arsenal’s Martin Odegarde has surrendered his chances of winning. The Premier League title after a 3-0 home defeat to Brighton, trailing Manchester City. 4 points with 2 games remaining

Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard has admitted. He is desperate to catch up to Manchester City in the Premier League title race after UFABET home defeat to Brighton & Ho. F Albion went 0-3 on Sunday, May 14, making it 4 points behind the Blues. But playing more than 1 game and having 2 games left to chase points, which if Pep Guard ‘s team Diola won only 1 of the remaining three matches and immediately lost the point.

'Odegarde' accepts 'Big Gun' condition, unable to lose the championship to 'Sailboat'

Artillery entered the field as a couple late at night. In the previous pair, City won 3-0 against Everton, leaving them with no choice but to only win three points against the Seagulls . To score a tickle to 1 point left to maintain a chance to win the league championship. But it was unexpected when it turned out to be beaten by the visitors. Thanks to Julio Nchiso in the 51st minute, Deniz Undaf in the 86th minute and Perbis Estupignan in stoppage time.

“It’s difficult to catch up,” the Norwegian midfielder. Said with disappointment after the game, “Not a good feeling right now. how we play especially in the second half I don’t know what happened, to be honest. But it was a big disappointment and felt like there was no hope now. In the first half we did a lot of good things, created big chances. Then in the second half We keep giving them more and more momentum. They are dangerous when going up, especially on the right side. It’s hard to say right now. But we could have done a lot better.”

Odegaard went on to say that The team want to come here and keep doing the good they did in the last two games against Chelsea and Newcastle United. That’s the target. But he did not have a good answer to tell what happened. Why is the performance of the team different? This was a big disappointment. And we have to accept and learn from what happened.

For Arsenal, the last two games are left with a visit to Nottingham Forest on Saturday May 20 and at home to meet. Wolverhampton On Sunday May 28, while Manchester City host Chelsea on Sunday May 21, if they win, they will win their ninth top-flight title.