Pep says City won’t be like a ghost if manager changes

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Pep Guardiola has insisted Manchester City fans will not have a repeat of Manchester United’s history if he resigns. because the club has a strong foundation without relying on anyone

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola is confident Manchester City will not suffer a setback when he leaves the Etihad Stadium like rivals Manchester United. Join the city with four managers released in the last 8 years since Sir Alex Ferguson, the Scottish coach. retire yourself

Pep says City won't be like a ghost if manager changes

Mr. Big Kratingdu led City to great success. Won 4 Premier League titles, 4 League Cups and 1 FA Cup over six years at the club. This resulted in being the most successful manager in the team’s history. and fans are concerned that If one day he leaves the team Team performance will decline.

Before opening the nest to meet with the Red Devils  in the 188th City Derby, Pep came out to relieve his concerns. By confirming that there is absolutely no problem without him as a manager. Because the club has a foundation that is too strong to be dependent on any one person.

“The club knows what the goals are and the next steps. there won’t be any problem (When I left) I was 100 percent sure about it. They know management principles. They know what to do now. After the World Cup, next season and next season The foundation of the club is the reason why the team is strong. If the club depends on Pep, it’s not good lately. If a UFABET club depends on a single player like a striker who can score That wouldn’t be a good team. The club is the most important word,” said the 51-year-old head coach.

For Pep, who has a contract with Manchester City until 2023, it was reported that he agreed a two-year contract extension in May. But there is no official confirmation. His next game will be the opening match against Manchester United under Erik ten Hag on Sunday,