The origin of the card game BLACKJACK

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The origin of the card game BLACKJACK is not yet conclusively proven. But it is likely that the origin of the bet is from France. This is a betting game called Vingt-et-un (literally 20 and 1 or 21). The nature of this game is that cards are dealt to players similar to the current BLACKJACK rules. Winning the sum of the hand points as much as possible but must not exceed 21 points

The origin of the card game BLACKJACK

Online Blackjack Summary

How are you doing with the card game BLACKJACK? It’s not difficult to play, right? Just bring the number of face cards together as close to 21 as possible, or if they get 21. They will immediately win, but if they are over 21, they will lose as well. Interested in playing card games, BLACKJACK recommends casino websites. Online casinos that are trending right now.

Techniques for playing blackjack

            In playing blackjack, whether in a UFABET casino or in online casino can use techniques or blackjack formula This one can be used. That is, during our card draw, the first goal is to get a total score close to 21 points and must not be less than 17 points because the minimum point of the dealer to measure with us is 17 points or more because the dealer will stop drawing. Only when the hand has 17 or more points. But in calling more cards, we have another thing to be careful of. Try not to give your cards more than 21 points because it will make us lose immediately.

Now it’s going to be a bit of a pressure, because there are traps in the unlimited calling of cards. Therefore, we may choose to stop drawing even if the draw is less than 17 points, because we can stop drawing at any time. Then go to win the dealer to draw more cards until the point is more than 21 points, because that’s enough because it can make the dealer lose to us as well.